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    Around 1910 the Chatwood Safe Company published a Booklet called "The Modern Burglar" which included this illustration of the ripping method. Any safe, even bent body types, of less than " wrought iron or steel thickness could be breached by ripping.

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    The method was universally successful on the basic safes of the day. The display items above were dedicated to Alexandrov, a well known Soviet Union cracksman. The quality of the tools he used were brilliantly made. Easily concealed and assembled on site with spike and lever attachments.

    The burglary on the right is typical of a crime scene of the time. (London Bus Company)

    The Police Forensic Departments held dozens of sample jars of the various types of sawdust fillings which led to the conviction of many burglars who had failed to dust themselves down.

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    Here in the States, that technique is usually known as peeling. I will never forget the job where the whole outer area around the lock and handle was torn open exposing the lock itself and the boltwork cam plate blocked by the lock bolt. I mean it was right there in full view and yet the safe was not breached. Here was a case where the midnight shift worker(s) just did not understand what they were looking at.

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