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    Default Folding Key - GR mark

    This is a folding key but a little different from some of the double bit folding keys I have. I found a GR mark with a kind of crown which looks rather rough. Would anyone know what this key might be for and who might have used it? Also with GR marked keys is there a general stamps standard for each reign? Thanks
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    That's a lovely key, unusual

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huw Eastwood View Post
    That's a lovely key, unusual
    At Windsor Castle they have double ended keys (by Hobbs) which was effectively a master key system where the key instead if the lock was masterkeyed. Folding keys are generally either to stop them sticking out of the lock too far or to be convenient to put in a pocket - with a double ended key I would expect the latter.
    i donít know if any stylistic difference between crowns for George 4/5/whatever, but suspect that GR may not be George Rex - probably the initials of the key holder.

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    Nice key Simon , good find! But as Tom says itís more likely to have been the key holders initials. But thatís not ruling out the fact that it could have been a gardener or tradesman etc who held keys & worked at some government property and decided to add it to the key himself. It is rather crudely done. But it still is a really nice key no matter what.

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