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    Default Yale 025 1/2 - Lock Identification

    I was going through my parts box and found a cover that just didnít seem to fit the lock with which it was stored. The cover is marked 025 1/2 but I canít see where the wheel pack should be attached (Iím missing the wheel pack) and the serial number on the cover (533) is definitely different than the serial number on the lock (035). Iím questioning the 025 1/2 stamp (which I know I probably shouldnít) since I thought the wheel pack should be connected to the cover and I canít see where it would be attached.

    Iím also wondering about the lock type - thinking possibly 029 1/2 or 019 1/2.

    Can anyone one help with the identification of the cover and lock? Also, does anyone have any parts to complete the lock or would someone want these in a trade?

    Thank you.Click image for larger version. 

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    Wheel pack screws onto the post, and the 8-32 screw in the top keeps it from being unscrewed again.

    This Mosler vault lock is missing some parts and appears to have been drilled by a blind spider monkey, but it shows how the wheel pack is supposed to be mounted.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails DSC_8893b_2045.JPG  

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    Thank you. I just found a post on another safe website also showing how this works.

    I did did some cleaning and of course I found the 025 1/2 stamp under the dust.

    Thus, Iím left with the same comment as was made by the poster on the other site - there must be a difference between the covers on the earlier locks (serial #035) and later locks (#533).

    I guess now now I just need to source a 135 year old wheel pack and drive wheel.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	27AF466F-D168-4D53-8FDA-EF86EAF6D16D.jpeg 
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