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    Default Restore Victor Safe?

    Hello All, new member here. I have an old Victor safe (late 1800s?), working and with original dark green paint. I was thinking of restoring it, however I am curious if this is a bad idea. I am on the fence between restoring or just polishing up the existing paint and putting a sheet of glass on top (I will be moving this into my office).Any thoughts?


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    Hello Brian, pictures are essential for members to see exactly what Victor safe you have and what condition it's in. Here's how to add some;

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    Sorry for that, had to find older pics I had as it's a little too dark to take pictures where it's at now....here's a front and an open picture...
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 3c9381a4910d3c6d3af67d4234356216.jpg   1468686834938.jpg  

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    Hi Brian, congratulations for your safe. i will be happy with a same sized victor ! i have one small victor fully restored but was in a poor condition and now with 20 old safes and some in original condition your seem to be keep like this. this is a personal advice but now i prefer original ones. of course if they are not too rusty or loose too much paint. keep a safe not restored was something impossible for me 3/4 years ago so if you have a doubt just.... wait. if you collected a old victor this is probably that you are sensible about antique things and a restore safe, even you do a wonderful work, can not matching with the charm of an original one. no way.
    however your is a little bit "flat" so you can try to add fine paint lines on the front by inspiring on ornamented victor's originals photos and apply a clear coat. you won't regret !
    good luck

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    There are people around who have fun "restoring" an old safe to a perfect state, i.e. flawless, polished surface. It requires a lot of skill and work, which can be admired, but I do not like the result. I do consider two types of restorations with some mix in between:
    1) Cleaning and conserving it (which would probably include a lubrication of bolts and hinges)
    1a) Additionally making it work if something is broken.
    2) Restoring it to a state how it was when it was new or in usage (including the same flaws and imperfections)
    In your case I would choose option 1a because there is quite a lot of old painting still there.

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