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    Question Old German chest lock and key

    I have bought an old German chest lock with key (see pictures). Can anyone give me some advice on cleaning it. I would ideally like to strip it to parts and put back together once cleaned but have no idea how you might do that? Or is it best to clean as is? Any advice would be great! Thanks Simon

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    Unless you are a skilled blacksmith, I would forget about taking that apart. I have seen the black patina on other ancient wrought iron. Many collectors would say do nothing. The other opinion would be to remove most or all the patina. Pretty sure this is easiest done chemically but I suspect you really want to know what you are doing. Otherwise very fine steel wool like 0000?

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    in germany we have locks like this
    if the key is original it probably comes from slovenia

    for me i would not clean it, patina (rust) is a part of history

    but if you want to clean you also can try out electrolysis

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