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    Default Looking for help with Eagle pushkey padlock

    Im looking for some help and information about making new key for my EAGLE pushkey padlock. The lock is 1 wide and has the patent date of Feb 7, 1911 on the bottom. The lock could not be shimmed as a shim will not fit into the tight space around the core. I picked the lock by putting pressure on the shackle and then single picked the four pins. I unscrewed the bushing expecting to find a spring similar to what I have seen on other pushkey padlocks but there was only an empty space. I then looked up the patent and see that there is a coil spring around the shackle inside the body of the lock.
    My question is, can this lock be dismantled in order to make a new key and if so how would one go about doing this? I do have one key blank that fits this lock.
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    i think there is a break down of the 2" version on here i did some time back.?
    i did shim it but it was the larger size and when i put it bak togather i turn the shacle sideways and used a shim to reassemble it tohold the pins down as i slid it in the body.
    you have a blank # ? i have a few left but no 1013c,have a couple of others.

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    Default Looking for help with Eagle pushkey padlock Your Message

    Yes it can be slim. Just need to cut the slim of how wide the top of the plug that it flat. Best to lubricant so the slim can go in easy. The Eagle lock i has was flat steel blank. Went i got the lock open i measure and read the pin to get the cut. I did show post awhile back. I never got to the point of taken the plug out like Nathan did.....Timothy....

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