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    Default 1906 Diagonal Boltwork Chubb Door with a unique claim to fame

    Been meaning to post this Chubb door for years, as I have fond memories as a young kid reading about it in the 1968 Chubb Collectanea book by Noel Currer-Briggs.

    A rather nice rectangular door with diagonal boltwork but with a rather unusual claim to fame. Anything being "spot struck by a 100 lb Nickel Steel Shell from a 6 inch Siege Gun" definitely got my attention as an 8 year old, and the fact that it was a strongroom door made it even better !

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The same picture appeared in the 1968 book and was accompanied by the following text:

    "In September 1906 this door and vault left the Glengall Road factory for an English destination having undergone a most unusual test.

    The nature of the test and its results, particularly in view of the international climate in 1906, caused a great deal of interest and bankers and businessmen were invited to examine the door which bore this legend:

    Chubb's Patent Treasury Door weighing 5 1/2 tons.

    Of Harveyed Krupp Armour Plate 4 1/2 inches thick.

    Controlled by Triple Time Lock, Keyless Combination Lock and Key Lock.

    SPOT struck by 100 lb Nickel Steel Shell from 6 inch Siege Gun at 50 yards range, the impact being 1640 foot ton seconds.

    The door secures Treasury (sic) built of slabs 2 inches thick, composed of 5 ply welded armour plates and Chubb's '99' Steel.

    Weight of room and door 50 tons"

    Can anyone add anymore as I've often wondered where it went and of its eventual fate?
    The large Royal crest is also a curiosity, was it a customary factory thing they used for publicity photos or was it actually part of the installation which could possibly give some clues to the doors whereabouts or purpose?
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    I remembered seeing that and thinking they won't have tested the finished vault or door that way, but possibly a section of the plate. Shame we don't have the serial number to trace.

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    I had a copy of that book. I gave it away to a dealer whom I knew before I left UK.

    One thing that amazed me was the Chubb pillar box- how far down into the ground they were set.

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