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    Default Ever seen one of these? Mystery ?Keyin? Hasp on old footlocker/chest

    Howdy Folks! I have been bestowed upon a great object of mystery and fascination: an old chest or perhaps footlocker that we're not sure who in the family owned or how old it is. I have started by trying to find out the approximate date of the hasp on the front (doesn't seem to be the original) stamped by the name of (perhaps) Keyin. I don't have the key, but it seems it's opened somehow by a small slot in the top edge as seen in the 4th photograph from a downward view.

    Anyone who has any familiarity, knowledge or guidance as to the hasp's manufacturer would be greatly appreciated! Sincere thanks to anyone who stops by to check out this Mystery!

    Michael C.
    Jonesborough, TN

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