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    Default Herring Farrel New Pt. Champion Lock Info?

    I was wondering if you would help me w a issue w my Herring Farrell dexter lock? We had the safe open and have the combination but I had to close it to move it. We moved it on itís right side - the left side has had the lock internals and fireproofing removed but the handle on that side engages and disengages with the other lock so the safe still works. Since we moved it the dial with the previously functioning mechanism will only move between 24 and 27. I feel like this is showing the barrels were not ever actually engaged and the door is just jammed. Have you ever encountered this? What would you recommend? The inside is so beautiful I hate to think I wonít see it again?
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    Default safe problems

    The discretion of what is going on is hard to under stand. The lock has many moving parts to it. You could have dislodged something. The handle on the right door has been replaced. So with that in mind and not knowing what or why the handle was replaced ? With out being able to turn the dial or wiggle the handle , it's hard to say why. Call a competent safe tech . Hope this helps Tim

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    Default Update on the stuck lock

    It turned out that the door was merely jammed, praise Jesus. So now to try to find the correct handle for it and see if I can find a way to get a key for the drawers and safety deposit box.

    I have the herring change key, and the combination.

    Can someone figure out the key if I have one of the drawers out that has the lock on it? Locksmith maybe? I would love to have this bad boy in 100% functional condition and then I will attempt to find out the original color and most likely try to restore it to that.

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