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    Default Help Identifying a safe

    I recently came into possession of a safe that sat in my Dad's garage for a few decades. He got it out of the old Southern Pacific Railroad building in Houston. n the dial, it reads "Manufactured by Yale for Herring-Hall Marvin Safe Co." Otherwise, I don't have any information about the safe. I'd like to know the time frame it was built, weight and anything else that might help me.
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    Default Hhm

    The safe is a HHM ( Herring Hall & Marvin). The lock is a custom made lock for HHM by Yale. This safe and lock where made about 1928. The lock is a HE Yale style lock.
    The 3 wheel mesh change type lock . ( hand change type) The safe is missing the castors. The weight is about 200 to 500 lbs. Hard to tell from a picture. hope this helps Tim

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    Default Thank you Tim Davison

    Thanks, that does help. However, the weight is heavier. I hired safe movers and it came in at 600+lbs which I believe since it is much heavier than my 430 lb. gun safe. But the manufacturer and lock is dead on. I wish it still had the castors...is that an item that can easily come by if I wanted to put them back on?

    Not that I would want to sell it, but do you have any idea what the value of the safe is? Measurements are 36"x 28"x 24" (h x w x d)

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