Years ago I had a Chubb Office Safe. It was a 60s model, I should think. Finished in Black and grey. The carriages went the full height of the door. It had a not very well made single bitted Chubb lock. I fitted an S & G 3 wheel combination lock, with glass plate to beef it up. The door was very hard all over. I ended up having to drill it using a radial arm drill to take the spindle!

There was a single dead aed on it. The trace to that went out horizontally from the lock- it was a piece of stiff wire with a circle on the end which had a ballbearing in it, A second piece of wire was also linked to this gearing and went straight down to the plunger, which was at the bottom corner. I never could work out why they had used this particular link. Of course it woukld have worked fine had the lock ever been attacked.

I wondered if anybody had any observations to make on this model.