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    Default American Steam Safe

    New member here. Fascinating articles here.

    I have an old American Steam Safe Co safe that has and opening problem. I have the combination, and it does open, but the bottom locking pin doesn't seem to retract fully into the door when opening. Its really hard to open. I have to kind of jerk and pull at the same time. Any input? I don't really want a safe tech to complete as I don't really want to spend any money on it and I would hate to trim the bolt and butcher up this old safe. I am although very handy and think I could figure it out by taking off the back panel, I just don't what I would be getting into if I do.

    Any history on this safe would be great as well. Age?

    Thank you,
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    Get a grip of the strap bolts. It shouldn't be difficult to get round the problem.

    I remember an old Milner, where someone had loosened the straps because the door was sticking. What should have been done was to sort out the boltwork. It isn't rocket science!

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    Looked at my safe a bit more last night. Sprayed some white lithium on the locking pins. I do think the hinges could be shimmed some how. I see the door is a bit out of alignment. I figured out how the door comes off, but boy is it heavy.

    In regards to the locking pin not fully retracting, they are certainly connected together as when i push it in the others move. I think ill try to remove the cover this weekend.

    Pics of problem child locking pin.
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    Fixed. I took off the back plate, to revel someone had already messed with this and butchered the hell out of it to get to this piece. Tightened up the 2 screws and it instantly re-aligned the bolts. I did some clean-up of the hacking, closed up the back plate, opens like a dream. Hinges out of place a bit, but once closed the door aligns. Done......until they need tightening again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dtd24 View Post
    Done......until they need tightening again.
    Use a pin-punch in the csk screw slots to drive them round tighter and really torque them up. You shouldn't have to worry about repeatedly re-tightening them.

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