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    Default Safe Tear Gas Capule

    I have heard so much about safe have Tear Gas Capsule. This one was the first one I have see. It was on eBay selling it for $40.00. I know is it illegal to ship any tear gas Here what he wrote: Not many of these still in use...lol.......I removed thisyears ago from a bank vault.....There was a small metal cable ran around theinside of the door by the combinations and time locks,,, If you tried to drillthe door or pop the back off the combination the wire would snap and a sharpsteel plunger would hit the primer , thus releasing the noxious gas.... Thisone is still live, i will remove the tube of gas before shipping thus to makeit inert.
    Just wonder if there any other tear gas that they use...??....Timothy.......

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails bank Safe Vault timelock Burglary war tear gas capsule time lock [$40.00] 1.jpg   bank Safe Vault timelock Burglary war tear gas capsule time lock [$40.00] 2.jpg  

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    I think they are illegal in many jurisdictions. We used to get a load of CS gas pellets and put them in a container near the lock. We would also put some "matches fusee" in with them to help them to ignite. Had anybody put an OA on the door they would have been honking good style before very long. It was illegal, but so what?

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