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    Default Safe identification help

    Looking for any information on the safe I got when my grandparents passed. I've had it over 30 years and they had it for well over 50 years. Any information will be appreciated. Any links or websites with helpful information is appreciated as well.
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    It looks a bit like this Herring Hall Marvin that's been for sale on Craigslist in my area - https://losangeles.craigslist.org/sf...491370768.html.

    I thought I saw somewhere that these were made by HHM for Sears. However, somebody smarter than me is sure to chime in.

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    Default Safe identification help

    Look like you need a flat steel blank key. Can call some locksmith to do that job.....Timothy......

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    Sonya, I agree with Timothy, the simplest approach would be to find a locksmith in your area. Aside from the usual ways (Google search or even a phone book), you could also try http://www.savta.org and click on Safe Tech Search.

    If the safe isn't too heavy you can take it to the locksmith.

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    Does anybody know what series it is? Does a master key exist for the series? The most common (in my experience) of the type in the UK are the L & F ZA and ZE. There are master keys for both of these.

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