The Toronto Safe Works were established in 1855, by Messrs. James and John Taylor. On the withdrawal of Mr. John Taylor the business devolved upon Mr. James Taylor, who carried it on till his death in 1875. For a short time the works were situated on Princess Street, but the rapidly growing business compelled removal to the present site, at the corner of Front and Frederick Streets.

The present proprietors are Messrs. Thomas West and Robert McClain, both thoroughly posted in this business, and they have done much to make the name of J. & J. Taylor famous throughout Canada for safes, those indispensable adjuncts and sureties of commerce.

The premises occupy a block of land, seventy feet by four hundred feet in size. From one hundred and fifty to two hundred men are kept constantly employed. Notwithstanding that the firm has been distributing safes throughout Canada for the past thirty-five years, they are still taxed to their utmost capacity, and the business is yearly increasing.

The safes they turn out rank among the best made in the world, and are in the highest repute among bankers and the varied sections of the financial and commercial community.