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If the Chatwood is easily drillable it would be to facilitate a lesser level of dual control against sarupticious entry but it it was hardened then it would be anti explosive. Of course if it was hardened it would do both.
Sometime I will try drilling the sliding obstruction and if it was easy we will know that it wasn't against forced entry.
interesting line of enquiry!

Tom, I think that you would find this shutter plate drillable as Chatwood only refer to it as a 'steel shield' on the Treasury. Different matter with a belly-brace last century. (I was mistaken in my earlier belief that platinum was involved in the actual shield.) In any case there is no way that gunpowder would have any effect. As for high explosives, the lockcase constuction is so substantial as to resist dislodgement with the amount of material that could be packed through the keyhole(s).

Have had to open three failed 'big blowings' in years gone by - two British Linen Bank and one Tranent Co-op Society (below), all Standard Treasury.

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