It's good news they got it all sorted Al

An added complication with IDing those sort of locks is that quite a lot were made by foundries/engineering companies and not actual 'lock manufacturers' as such.
This was because most, and often all, of the component parts were brass or steel castings that were then finish machined- well within the scope of such firms.
Cases, hooks, bolts, linkages, covers and even the levers were often cast in brass.

There were many oddballs we could never get replacements for and some of the really big locks off the heavy industrial doors weren't even remotely similar to others in size, shape or configuration.
As a result it often meant rescuing 'scrappers' back from the dead by silver brazing cracked parts, turning new bushings etc, as it was the only way for many of the oddball sizes.
The repairs always worked beautiful like new on brass and steel, none of it would apply today with what's probably now all die-cast zinc tat!

BTW, it's possible the online catalogue might have been Brian's, I recall they had lots of interesting vintage listed but when I last looked the E Morlands site was being developed.