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    Default Newbie - safe plate collection advice needed!

    Hello all! I'm having a house sort-out and next on the list is my late hubbie's safe plate collection! We did have them on the walls for many years, but they were more his collection than mine. A friend is interested in buying the Sydenham one and is happy to pay the current value but I don't know much about them. I've found a few on Ebay but a couple I can't find anywhere, and wondered if anyone can help?! Many thanks in advance for any advice you can give me.
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    Hello JackieF, not sure whether you wanted values or info on them, as I'd seen most of these actual plates listed on eBay a few weeks back.

    My 2p's worth is that out of those pictured it's only the Sydenham that's the uncommon one, the others pop up quite often. It's more likely off a badge engineered safe made by one of the Black Country makers to bear the dealers name.
    It says Merchant and Manufacturer on the plate but the Manufacturer bit wouldn't necessarily have to mean safes.

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