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    Default Help with Mosler Cannonball - Yale time lock

    Hi -- I was hoping to get some help with a cannonball safe I have - The safe is open right now, and there is a Yale Time lock... I don't know the combo though- and I was wondering, is that something a locksmith could set- as in, are the combinations of those safes settable, since it's open and we have access.? This is what it looks like. I'm hoping to use the safe to put some of my bitcoin in. I guess I'm asking, what would the process be to get this thing going again, based on not having the original combo- but being able to get into it

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	mosler yale time lock.JPG 
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    Post a picture of the safe so we can see what model Mosler you have. Normally the time lock has nothing to do with the combination. The time lock (when wound) operates an independent locking mechanism contained on the inside of the door. The combination is on the front of the door and acts as a day lock to lock the door cranking action. It is usually accessed by removing the door cover unless you have a Mosler screw door. Lets see what you have. Yes, once the lock is accessed the combination can be changed.

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    Default Mosler Cannon Ball

    The time lock is Mosler. The table mechanism is the birth of the 1010 universal. It would originally had Mosler block movements. Interesting to see it was converted to accept the Yale round bottom movements. I've seen the Diebold retro kit.

    The door's back plate would indicate a screw door cannon ball, thicker than the screw door bankers. If this is the case keep in mind that the combination lock is not used to secure the safe. Your over night security lies in the TL.


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