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    Default Can anyone give me more info on my Ferrel Herring safe please?

    Good evening guys,

    I know you experts must get tired of these types of requests but I am a newbie and recently purchased a Ferrel Herring Co safe.

    I found it here in central Mississippi and just really loved the way it looked. I only paid $200 for it and had the trailer and truck to transport it the 20 miles to my house. The doors work fine thought the 'dial' is missing. Not that I care so much about it being a 'working' safe I want to use it as a display piece.

    It is very large, about 5' tall. The co name is on the rollers as well.

    Just would like to find out more about it, the usual Google and Yahoo searches are not giving me much info. I tried searching here as well and did not find much on this company. I plan to keep it long term clean it up, put some nicer interior door panels on it, maybe repaint if I kind find out what the original colors of the safe plaque etc were that kind of thing. If I could find a replacement dial to to attach to it that would be cool but again I do not need to make it a working safe. So I don't want to mess with it and accidently lock the sucker.

    Maybe I am just not looking in the right places but if you can tell me more about my safe I would greatly appreciate it. Just curious about the company and how old it might be etc. I am kind of a history nerd.

    Thank you for your time reading this and hope someone here can help,

    Michael BClick image for larger version. 

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    Mike , The way to answer this question is to post a picture of the lock body.

    There are 4 types of lock that that company used.
    1- S&G 6810 roller bolt
    2- Dexter ( 3 styles in this line)
    3- 6831 S&G
    4- Yale push pull type lock.
    If you can take the back cover off and post a picture of the lock body would be really helpful. enjoy Tim

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