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    Default Broken key for Evans & Watson floor safe


    I recently purchased an Evans & Watson floor safe. The previous owner had transported the safe with the only key in the lock, and it shifted during transport and the key snapped off in the lock.

    I was able to remove the part of the key that was inside the safe. Thankfully, with a good pair of pliers I can turn the key and lock and unlock the door. But I know this isn't sustainable, and I would love to own at least one complete key for this safe. The challenge I'm having is no one locally can make a copy of the key because there are no suitable blanks available. I do not know if the key is made from brass or bronze. I do not have the means to solder or weld, but I believe I can find someone that does.

    I've attached photos of the key, along with the safe for context and reference. Any help or insight into how I can turn this broken key into a whole, functional one would be immensely appreciated! I am happy to provide any more info or photos that may be helpful.

    Many thanks!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails IMG_20170808_175847.jpg   IMG_20170821_221341.jpg   IMG_20170821_221350.jpg   IMG_20170821_073147.jpg   IMG_20170821_073155.jpg  

    IMG_20170821_073209.jpg   IMG_20170821_073233.jpg   IMG_20170821_073313.jpg  

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    What a beautiful safe CavalierHoo, how many places have you tried for the repair, as any good, skilled locksmiths should be able to make you another key or repair your broken one.

    Its a pin safe key with the additional slot cut in the bit- a blank the right pin Gauge and some intricate cutting will do it. Even if blanks are rare in the USA then to be honest it's not too difficult for them to make one from scratch, but it is time consuming work so will be expensive.

    Another option is to modify a blank to take the remaining working end of your key, either a castellated joint or male/female with the one half turned down to a male pin,and the other drilled out female and the two mated parts silver-brazed.
    Any good locksmith should be able to do this, although you might have to settle for half the stem and bow being steel.

    Worth trying around the older shops first as some of the youngsters might shy away from this type of work (proper old fashioned 'hands-on' dirty work!)
    Depending on your location I'm sure Doug Macqueen on here could do if for you, or be able to recommend someone closer to you. It's an amazing safe and sure hope you manage to get it all sorted.

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    Thank you very much for your reply! I found an "old school" locksmith in town that I'm going to visit tomorrow. They seemed optimistic about being able to create a full copy (or two!) of the key. I'll update my post with the results. I appreciate your information and help!

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