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    Andrew, what state is safe the located in? Maybe I can give you a referral.


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    Default Baum Safe - More

    Thank you for the offer, David. But I am actually enjoying the process of trying to crack it myself.

    I realize I may never do it, but I am going to give it 100% before I call a professional. I also realize that I may have to drill it at some point.

    Based on how the dial stops hard on 54 and 71, I wonder if the fence shifted a bit and is bumping into dials 2 and 3?

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    Andrew, you seem clearly determined but when you say you realise you might never do it, but will give it 100% before calling in a pro, suggests you don't seem very confident.

    Its worth considering that once you make the decision to get it open yourself and drill it, you might well have to see it through no matter how badly it goes.

    Many safe techs will probably be reluctant to take it on after the owner has failed at drilling the safe themselves, the hazards of which are then in addition to the initial fault of the seized/trapped wheels in the lock.

    From your point of view in case of worst case scenario and from the techs point of view there are few things worse than picking up the pieces on a safe with a serious fault, that is also peppered with random holes, jammed broken drill bits and bent bits of wire!

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    Default Dial Finally Spins Freely

    After spraying the safe with penetrating oil for several weeks, while changing the safe orientation, I was finally able to get the dial to spin freely.

    It is no longer stuck on 54 and 71.

    Perhaps these numbers are clues to the combination?

    I assume there is a gravity fence in this safe, and I still can't be sure it is operating correctly.

    Any additional help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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