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    Jul 2017
    Country: Belgium

    Default Hello from Antwerp / Belgium

    Hello all,

    for my introduction I'll copy /paste the message I just send to the administrator;

    somebody once told me that I was a collector of collections, and there is some truth about it.

    My theme is " adventure " and it covers a great deal of the objects I collect.

    Going from militaria, to trains, telephones, tin's, boats, planes,scrimshaw, Afrika, advertising and anything related to my city Antwerp/Belgium.

    Locks, (I got a few) do fit in many of those themes as as sub theme for the momment.

    I just came by a big brass padlock I would like to identify and during that search I ran into yout forum.

    So that is a bout all I can tell for the momment.

    And if I can be of any help to any one regarding the themes I mentioned, feel free to contact me.
    Because my help to this forum, regarding lock's, will be quiet restricted, because of my little knowledge about the subject.

    Thanks for having me in.

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    Aug 2013
    Country: Wales


    Welcome Kristiaan, post up some pics of any of the locks you've collected so far- everyone on here loves pictures !

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    Jul 2017
    Country: Belgium


    Thank you.
    I will post what I have asap.

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