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    Default Antique H.C. Jones Lock

    I was given an antique steamer trunk, late 1800's and it has a key hole cover which has engraved on it H.C. Jones - Patent - New Jersey. I cannot unlock and have no key. I can't find any numbers to identify a key. Any suggestions on how to open it without damaging the trunk or lock would be appreciated.

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    Default H. C. Jones

    I can't help with opening the lock, but just a bit of history- a little research I've done on the years of operation of various early American lock companies notes that Henry C. Jones was in business from 1837 through ~1863. Charles W. A. Romer was the foreman for HC Jones company and took over the business sometime around 1863. The company was renamed Romer & Co., probably at this time (or at least no later than 1868 when Jones died). Unless your trunk was constructed with older lock parts, it was probably more of a mid-19th century construction. Very cool!

    To continue the lineage, a John H. Wilkins (JHW) was a partner in Romer & Co. and took over in 1883 to form the J.H.W. Climax Company

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    Default Antique H.C. Jones Lock

    This forum doesn't tell people how to pick open any lock. I'm sure most will tell you to go to locksmith to do the job. Keep this in mind as long as the locksmith know all about anquite Steamer Truck. Or can go to web site look up Antique Steamer Truck Key. They have lot of information on these key. You may have to email or call to give them what you. need. Here are two of them to get information.....Timothy.....


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    pictures are always nice and maybe a close up of lock

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