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    Question Antique Herring"s Patent Champion Safe

    Hello Everyone,
    I have recently acquired my Great Grand Fathers 2 door Antique Herring's Patent Champion Safe (Late 1800's). Unfortunately it is Closed and locked and the combination that the previous owner had does not work. I was told by the safe mover that the lock is a Dexter four number. He said that he could open the safe but he would have to drill a hole in the door and use a bore scope to see the lock mechanism.
    Any advice, options or informed opinions are welcome.
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    One approach is http://savta.org and click on Safe Tech Search, enter your zip code (there appears to be two listed in your area). A good safe tech might offer to manipulate the lock rather than drilling depending on his (or her) skill, time, and cost (and the lock makes a difference). Sometimes just getting the dialing sequence right is a key even if you have the combination on paper. Drilling is generally undesirable but may be way cheaper.

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    OK are you dialing the Dexter lock correctly.
    5 times right-4times left-3 times right-2 times left- to zero -to 25 and stop.
    This lock doesn't re-track the bolt, it just drop onto the split wheel pack of drivers. The body of this lock is cast iron. you may have rust holding this lever from dropping . The zero is per set from the factory.
    any other questions PM and Ill answer them on this safe. TJ

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    Default What was the outcome?

    Two years after the fact, but wondering if you were able to get it open? I have a Herring that looks very similar I was able to get the combination to and wondered if I could help at all (not a locksmith, but perhaps my experience would help you out).

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