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    Default C Smith Gt Charles St Birmingham

    Whilst tidying my Dad's garage last week, my husband came across a number of old keys. In one sense nothing really unusual as my maternal grandfather was a locksmith in New Invention, Nr. Willenhall, and my dad's maternal grandfather and his uncles were key makers, in what at the time was the next village of Essington. My Dad (who incidentally celebrated his 100th birthday at the end of June) could remember his Uncle Dal (Harold) having this key. We don't know what it was to, or really how he came by it, but I would love to know if anyone can shed any light. The key has the maufacturers name and address:
    C Smith & Son, 25, Gt Charles Street, Birmingham on the one side and Plate Chest No.1 on the other.
    The site won't allow me to post the photos at the moment so will need to try again later

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    Be sure to read http://www.antique-locks.com/showthr...-to-your-posts and be aware error messages (such as "image too big") are hard to spot on the upload window. Also, I have problems with Internet Explorer and use Firefox for uploading/posting.

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    Ive got a Key for Charles Smith & Co Ltd Birmingham ,isit like his
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