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    Default Some night deposits I came across last weekend

    still in use....
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    It's amazing how many variations there must be on those old bronze deposits. I saw the first pic as a thumbnail and thought how familiar a sight they were on the walls of our banks, but having logged in and seen it clearer it looks quite an unusual variation compared to most I used to see.
    Anyway its good to see they're still being used as so much of the old bank and bronze stuff has been scrapped and replaced. Wonder how long it'll be until they paint over the bronze..

    A main bank branch in our city centre had several pairs of beautifully ornate bronze doors which were over 8 foot tall. Hung in imposing stone entrances they had bronze 3R35's and two 3G110s per door. They ripped it all out about 15 years ago to have bright coloured powder-coated aluminium with Adams rite hook bolts...

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