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    Default Locks and Keys at the heart of humanity.

    I am currently researching how the aesthetics, uses, history, etc. of the modern lock and key explains in any way imaginable the intelligence or inherent characteristics of the human being. This research can be extended even to the most bizarre of thoughts. For example, the following:

    Currently, I have the simple idea that the lock and key (while it is believed to protect one's prized possessions) can be analogized to love (and maybe even coitus). I am going with the idea that once one enters the heart of another individual, all the secrets and possessions are theres.

    Also, I am looking at how the aesthetics -- the prongs and typical asymmetry -- of the key can come into play.

    Any ideas of how I can extend my research, and are there any literature out there that may help my research?

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    I'm sure there are various references in libraries on the history of locks and keys, though some of them may not be online yet. You could do a search on your favorite library's catalog for "history of locks" and "history of keys" (probably without the quotes). Also, a Google search should come up with several useful hits. Amazon comes to mind as well.

    As for your love analogy, well, first I'll try to keep the discussion polite! I've never thought about locks and keys in that way. To me it's first just a matter of form following function; after that, a craftsman/manufacturer may add in aesthetics to assist sales and company prestige. Somebody once complained to me about the symbology of the shape of a missile; I explained that had it been modeled after the other gender's parts, it would not fly very well. Even Freud pointed out that sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. This is not meant to invalidate your views or observations; I just don't think that's what anybody in the business ever thought about.

    When you're done with your research, let us know. I'd be interested in your findings.

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    I also have never heard of anything along these lines. I have heard of locks being made in the form of the symbol of Greek or Roman Gods as a security feature but that is about it. Didn't hear about the Gods of love in the making of locks....

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    Mr Towne discusses various philosphical aspects of locks in this talk


    His other talks are recommended too...

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