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    Default Interesting escutchoen?

    I've acquired this escutchoen and wondered if anyone might know the maker, age or history of it. I am starting to get together a small collection of plates and escutchoens but have little knowledge of what is collectable and what isn't. They will be used to create interest and help decorate my locksmith shop, opening in July.

    I liked this escutchoen because it has a small pin that has to be depressed before the cover plate will open, quite a nifty idea. The escutchoen has the letters F F stamped into it if that helps trace the maker. Thanks in advance for your help.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like an Edwin Cotterill. The keyhole shape is not really right but I still think it is them.

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    Default Question

    Are the 2 letters stamped on the reverse of the plate F E?

    I beleive the plate to have been added to a Fishers safe, possibly Edinbrough, & one of their earlier safes, pre having their own badge.

    Can you tell us if the letters appear elsewhere, and they are as asked for.

    Russell Stoner
    Withy Grove

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    Cotterills made safes for a number of "makers" including Chatwood early on, but initials on the back of plates are the caster's initials and do not refer to an eventual seller and city. Anyway, weren't Fishers in Glasgow and Sedgeley?

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    Default FISHERS for SAFES Ltd.

    Correct Tom. Fishers was established by my maternal grandfather in Glasgow in 1934 and where I started my apprenticeship in 1948. He had safes made for him and badged Fishers by a company called Lees in Sedgley. The protective claims mentioned on the plate were extreme in the least.

    After the war the company became sole agents for the Ratner Safe Company for Scotland and Northern Ireland. We became agents for Stephen Cox, also of Sedgley, and finally the agent for the newly formed Stratford Safe Company in 1962, eventually becoming part of the J.W.Levy Group the following year when we continued to trade as Fishers. In 1970, John Tann (Scotland) was formed and operated alongside Fishers dealing solely with the Scottish Banks.
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