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    Default On-Line Resources

    Links to other Antique / Historical on-line Sites
    (we welcome reciprocal on-topic links – contact Merlin if you think your site could be included here)

    History of Locks
    A new site, (formed April 2010) and also run by Merln47, with a focus on English and European locks appealing to serious collectors, Historians, Archaeologists and Curators.

    The recollections and researches of a Scottish Safeman who learned his trade at the time when safe-blowing reached its peak between the late 40’s and 60’s, and who, through necessity, had to become familiar with the use of explosives.

    American Lock Collectors Association
    The American Lock Collectors Association was founded in 1970. Its purpose is to educate, socially unite and discover new lock collectors. These goals are accomplished through a large newsletter, written by experts in the hobby. Also, by Association sponsored lock shows and a well organized and maintained Internet web site.

    The Chubb Archive
    The now revised sites main purpose is to help those who may be in doubt as to the age of an old Chubb Lock or Safe, bearing a serial number.

    Antique Safes
    This website is dedicated to anyone who is interested in antique safes and cast iron safe banks.

    West Coast Lock Collectors
    Welcome to the fascinating world of locks. Our purpose is to inform you about the collecting of locks and keys of all kinds and to put you in contact with other collectors.

    1st Net Lock Museum
    This site is intended to be a resource for those interested in the collection of locks.

    Antique Padlocks
    The purpose of this site is to be a virtual repository to preserve the history of Padlocks and Locking Devices, and to rediscover the history which has been lost. From the technical underpinnings of the earliest locking device, to the most sophisticated modern device, draws a roadmap of historical significance.

    A condensed history of the British safe, the development of which came about mainly as the safemaker's response to the Victorian cracksmen whose skill and ingenuity with basic handmade tools was quite admirable.

    Time Machines
    A website whose purpose is to share my enthusiasm for preservation, restoration and collecting of specialized timepieces as well as dissemination of information about them.

    Deans Padlock Page

    Keys of History
    Whether you’re a seasoned collector or merely a fancier of “objects d’ art” from ages past, you’re about to indulge in a visual feast . . . and one that will likely nudge you to return time and time again.
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