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    Default Barrons Combination Padlock

    Hi, can anyone please offer any advice on this padlock please? I wanted to know if it can be accurately dated and whether it is pre- or post- the famous Barrons patent?

    Many thanks.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Robert Barron did not trade from the Strand. That was the business of his father Francis Barron Snr. After his death, only Robert's older brother Francis Jnr continued to trade at the Strand.
    Robert married and moved to Hoxton, then traded from 66 Barbican. and later nearby at 75 Wood St, Cheapside.

    As to when the OP's padlock was made, who know? seemingly Francis Jnr and Robert cooperated, and both seem to have made some of Robert's patent locks. This design, however, seems never to have been patented. Such locks in various sizes continued to be made through the 1930's.
    Btw, Robert later also invented, but did not patent, a form of fly-talon lock. This proved inconvenient for users, and seems not to have been much of a commercial success, although some were used by London cabinet makers.

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    Hello and welcome, 'accurately dated' might be a tall order but you never know, someone here might have a way to establish it.

    Can't help noticing some of those letters look to have been stamped after a heavy Friday afternoon down the ale house!

    Just posted and seen chubbbramah has already responded with some great info

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    It occurs to me, this type of com padlock was known from the late 17C, so predates the institution of patents for inventions.

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