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Thread: Anchoring

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    Another thread made me think about anchoring a double skinned safe with a loose fire resisting lining. I don't like drilling out a hole in the base, as it is messy. Of course it can be done with one of the good quality hole saws that mount on a drill.

    I saw one once which belonged to a blacksmith. It was on a wooden floor, so no anchoring was ever going to be very good. He had made 2 bands which wrapped around the safe, one at the front and one at the back. These had small "feet" bent out at the bottom, drilled and coachbolted through the floor. He then had a third piece of steel just in front of the safe, again coachbolted through the boards. Of course that prevented the safe from being slid out from the straps. It was actually very neatly done. I realise a baddie could have gone under the floor and unbolted the thing but it did stop anybody simply walking off with the unit.

    The big problem is that you shouldn't weld to an old fire resisting safe as the heat generated will start to triger the sawdust and alum mixture. Equally if you have one which has asbestos between the skins, well who wants to drill asbestos?

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    Default Anchoring

    Another good thread.
    My partner used to work in a high street bank. The crew who fix down the cash machine left behind one of the hold down kits which consisted of 4off M16 studs (grade 8.8) and a tube of 'chemical fix', presumably to stop ram raiding. She recovered the kit from the skip and brought them home. Used just one stud to fix down my 6 foot tall 'Stephan Cox' with 100x100x6 thick washer I use in my workshop.
    Just to note I keep the plasma cutter head in the safe as well as the disc cutter nuts (the ones that keep the disc on the machine) as well as the fork lift keys.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Safeone View Post
    Somewhere I saw a picture of a safe that was bolted down using the base hole with one Rawbolt affixed into a concrete floor, I am pretty sure that a 10 ton ram with toe fitments could not lift it off the floor. It was not a large safe. I will see if I can locate it.
    I too can confirm having seen such a picture in a police magazine some 3 decades ago.

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