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    Default 1960s/70s Lassman combination padlock

    Didn't know I had these until a few hours ago looking for something else- found 2 of these on cards. The obscure name and the fact they're supposedly British made amazed me, but they are only cheaply made modern die-casts.

    Done a quick search and came up with a few UK patents associated with their combination padlocks from the 1960s, but not much else- it's not a name I've heard before- almost forgot- the back of the one card is marked '60p retail'! whatever happened to prices like that
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    Default 1960s/70s Lassman combination padlock

    I too have one of these Lassman combination padlocks, and did a little research on it for my book "Unlocking the Portals of History."

    Lassman is not strictly a lock or hardware manufacturer. The firm was founded by Samuel Lassman on December 31, 1941. Mr. Lassman produced a number of items he designed or invented including corkscrews and bottle openers. In 1986, the company was purchased by Lawrence Churchill Ltd., "Manufacturers of Quality Die Cast Products." They still produce the padlock.

    According to a letter I have from the late Jim Evans, Lassman locks were purchased by J. Banks of Excelsior Works for resale along side their own manufacture.

    Hope this information helps. Can you give us the U.K. patents?

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    Cheers Scott- that's a good little insight into the company

    This is all I came up with- but it was only a quick 2 mins google search:


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