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    Aug 2012
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    Default 1933 Worlds Fair Commemorative Master Lock key on Ebay

    Hello team, just thought that a serious MASTER LOCK collector may be interested in this unique item...NO, it is not mine, but if anyone on here is buying it for the key, I would be interest in buying the lock that is listed with it from you....
    Most likely a Worlds Fair enthusiast will buy it........just an alert
    If I am violating forum rules by posting these alert's..let me know.....Donnie

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    Can't see the object Donnie, I am interested in one of these keys. They show up from time to time on Ebay, though I am not in a hurry.
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    I think it is this link with the lock:

    Then this one

    and another cleaned one:

    I just looked for the one I have and found it. There is more wear on mine than these. The date has been worn down on the front, and a lot of patina (that's the nice word for rust, right)

    What prices have you seen in the past on these? I guess I will watch and learn.

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    These keys are quite common. A lot of people must have visited Master's booth at the World's Fair and taken one. I have seen them appear on eBay quite frequently, in condition ranging from tarnished and/or worn to pristine. I'm told by a certain long-time Master Lock collector that the keys were made for the public in both silver-colored and gold-colored versions, and that solid sterling silver ones were made for the "top officials". As to the selling price, it can vary. I've seen pristine example(s) sell for less than $10 and others sell for over $20, maybe even over $30. I do not have one of these keys yet, but one of these days I'll spring for a pristine one if I don't have to pay much.


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