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    Default Various Adlake padlocks and keys

    Hello everyone,

    I would like a bit of help in putting a value on the Adlake locks and keys if you would be some generous. They will be going up for sale to fund my Best padlock collection.

    There will be more pictures in the next post.

    Let me try to get the pics in order:
    Pics 1,2: Lock 1- "PC 72" on the back, "S" on the shackle pin.

    pics 3,4: Key that opens locks 1, 2 and 3. Has "935" on it

    pics 5,6: Lock 2- "PRR" on the back

    pics 7,8,9: Lock 3- LANC. PA USA and some kind of symbol on the front of the gate. "PRR" and "M" on the front of the shackle. "1967" on the back of the shackle.

    pics 10,11,12: Lock 4- "NY S&W" on the back, and an upside down "21" on back of the shackle.

    pics 13,14: Key for lock 4- "1260" and "ADLAKE" one one side, "NY S&W" on the other
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails adlake1-1.JPG   adlake1-2.JPG   adlake1-2-3key-1.JPG   adlake1-2-3key-2.JPG   adlake2-1.JPG  

    adlake2-2.JPG   adlake3-1.JPG   adlake3-2.JPG   adlake3-3.JPG   adlake4-1.JPG  

    adlake4-2.JPG   adlake4-3.JPG   adlake4-key1.JPG   adlake4-key2.JPG  

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    More locks :P

    Pics 1,2,3: Lock 5- "C&CV RY" on the back. Shackle pin stamped with "S". On the front of the shackle there is an "M?" in a circle and an "8" Above the 8 it appears like there should have been something else but did not come out legibly.

    Pics 4,5,6: Key for Lock 5- "C" and "26" stamped on both the bow and blade

    Pics 7,8: Lock 6- "D&H" on the back, "K7" on the back of the shackle and an upside down "80" on the shackle pin. No key for this one.

    Again, and thank you for any help you can provide.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails adlake5-3.JPG   adlake5-2.JPG   adlake5-1.JPG   adlake5-key1.JPG   adlake5-key2.JPG  

    adlake5-key3.JPG   adlake6-1.JPG   adlake6-2.JPG  
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    Riyame, Those Adlakes really aren't valued very high, actually the keys are worth more than the locks in most cases. Most padlock collectors that collect railroad padlocks are after the brass cased locks with the raised logos. That being said, I do know that railroad enthusiasts will buy just about anything that is railroad related. I would personally value the locks around $25-$35 each and the keys I've seen bring $30-$40 each, I do hope you find a buyer so you have the funds to continue your hobby. Mark
    Mark A. Billesbach

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