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    Default Fraim contract lock and a bad ebay seller

    Any Fraim padlock collectors who might be bidding on a Lincoln with original keys currently offered on ebay? The seller(mlauckern-us) used to be registered as burns315 whom I'd won the lock from back in December. He never shipped and I had to get refunded through the resolution center. Several of the other items he is offering up were also defaulted on, as read in his feedback just before they suspended him. I will try to get just the lock image uploaded so you will know what to look for and avoid.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	$(KGrHqJHJBoE9qYBI7f!BPcG3+C6RQ~~60_57.JPG 
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    Default Ebay is hazardous to your wallet.

    Any way you look at it Ebay will kill your wallet. You're lucky the resolution system worked for you. I have made purchases that were completely misrepresented and lost $180.00 dollars in one case. In another case of much less value I decided it wasn't worth the trouble. I use Ebay very little now. I just wish you could find things in your own locality like you can on Ebay.

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    Default No problems with ebay, ever...

    As someone whose been buying on Ebay for a very long time, I've never had a single problem getting my money back through Paypal or Ebay. I've disputed over 50 payments with Paypal and always got my money back. If you're not winning your disputes, then you're probably doing it wrong. Make sure you read the buyer protection policy and select the right dispute options and provide all the necessary information. I also only pay for purchases with a credit card. If paypal ever denies a dispute, I'll file a chargeback through my credit card company.

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