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    Default Selection of old safe or strong box keys

    These are our favourite types of keys - and I've been meaning to post a selection of them for a little while now. Today has been overcast and raining - the perfect opportunity!! I've listed their sizes as the file name. Hope they are of interest? Any comments appreciated - and happy to try and assist with any questions - Sarah
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 95mm (approx 3.5 inches).JPG   101mm (approx 4 inches).JPG   106mm (approx 4.25 inches).JPG   107mm (approx 4.25 inches).JPG   110mm (approx 4.25 inches).JPG  

    113mm (approx 4.5 inches).JPG   117mm (approx 4.75 inches).JPG   120mm (approx 4.75 inches).JPG   134mm (approx 5.25 inches).JPG  

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    The third one is especially nice with the Barrons levers as well as the complex wards.

    Great pictures, thanks for posting.

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    Default Chest key and the chest

    I'm no expert but I think your keys were mostly made for locks on chests - probably eclesiastical chests. The ones I have come across were all with cast iron chests. I attach a couple of pictures.

    Thought you might like to see a safe and key I have at present. It comes from a large chest which I believe was made in the early 19th century. I have an amusing story relating to the safe or rather it's contents when we removed it.

    You can see from the scale of my hand the key is about 6" long. It locks the safe with a heavy clunk. The chest has been converted to an upright safe which is how it was used until earlier this year (2006). I guess it was uprighted years ago because you would need more than three Shreaded Wheat AND a tin of spinach to lift the door when in the chest position.

    The whole thing is enormously heavy - and I'm talking as a safe man not a layman - 300kg plus. Considering two sides are quite thin (3mm) plate it's amazing how heavy it is.

    Does anyone have any ID information about this type of chest? I think they were mass produced in Warwickshire/Shropshire until the likes of Messrs Chubb, Milner, Chatwood and Price et al innovated them out of the market.

    The other picture is of a similar but smaller and lighter chest. Key is a copy - not a good one - similar to the keys you are showing here.

    It too had been uprighted probably for the same reason.

    They were both in use as safes until the company's insurance man visited and told them how old and useless they were as security and fire safes!

    Sorry, I posted the pics 1, 2, 3 but they sit on the site in reverse order 3, 2, 1.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails CastSafeBg W Key.jpg   CastSafeSm.jpg   PA150005.JPG  

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    Hi Sarah :

    Thanks for posting the pictures.
    I have a few of these keys
    and some have end caps that slide into the barrel and
    held in place with spring tension.
    You have to look carefully to see that the cap comes off
    due to the closely matching fit.

    Brian .............................................

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    Default cast iron chest key

    Hi there Huntlocks :

    Thank you for sharing the info and pictures.
    That is a fabulous key and chest.

    If you come across any more of thoe keys
    please let me know?

    Brian ...........................................

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