I have been offered a Victor Cannonball Safe in the San Francisco Area for $200, it's in a house but on ground level. I am not in a position to pick this up right now and they need it gone asap. It has the timelock, and am in the process of waiting on pictures. They say the primary works great, and the timelock is functional, the seconday door inside has a broken hinge, but that's about it. Email me if you are able to pic this up with the least inconvience to the seller. Ie. Don't waste their time. My email is andersonantiques@gmail.com

I am hoping that whomever takes this might be kind enough to send something my way (like a finders fee) because this isn't something easy to let go for that price. (ie 1880-1890's Mosler safe locks are always wanted ...=)....)

First come first serve.

Thanks for your time Todd