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    Default Linus Yale Jr. Combination Lock. 1860s.


    Does anyone know the patent number
    for this Linus Yale Jr. safe lock?
    I would like to look it up on the
    U.S. Patent site.

    I am also trying to determine what
    safe manufacturers used this lock.
    Does anyone have a picture of a safe
    with this lock on it? I have seen the
    double lock on a Butler & Valentine safe.
    Here's the picture of the lock.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails LinusYaleJr5views.jpg  

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    The Patent dates are stamped on the end of the bolt.
    each date is a seperate patent and this lock uses features of each of these patents.
    send me a list of the patent dates and I think I can supply the numbers for these patents.
    The lock you have is from a Herring Ferrel safe. The two threaded holes in the end of the bolt was for the attachment of the handle locking device.
    To fit a key to the lock, A GOOD locksmith can pick the lock and then remove the lock and fit the key. It is a very hard lock to impression.
    hope this helps.

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